Hey there hi there

We've been busy lately. Like behind-the-scenes, no credit kind of busy. You know when all your friends think you're cheating on them with other friends, but you're really just home...working on a zillion projects in sweatpants? That's my life.

So this weekend I'm super stoked to get away to Santa Barbara and take some outdoor photos. And see a bunch of pregnant bellies. TWO of my other college roomies are preggo and we're celebrating one of their babes today. It's almost like we took one of those teenage girl pregnancy pacts to all get pregnant at once. Except we're old and we didn't. 

We're going to stop by French Press Coffee - 


[image via Pinterest]

AND hopefully lots of other delightful little SB spaces. I'm excited to wear my new sports bra. THE THINGS you get excited about while pregnant.