weekends: edition 1

A peek into the weekends of our contributors. Nothing crazy, usually.

April 12-13


Lately, I spend my Saturdays drawing in a studio art class for 5-6 hours. 


Even though there were about 10 things I could be working on, I had a selfish Sunday; ran for 5 miles in the morning and then walked to The Cellar off of Del Mar to try the newly launched Bear Coast Coffee (it did not disappoint).


So, this weekend I finally tried the bourgeois toast joint in San Francisco I heard about on NPR and obsessed over.

I hiked in Tiburon's redwoods and really bonded with my future sister in law. Then drank beer on our friend's roof and watched the sunset. I watched my brother in law graduate nursing school, and my heart was so full of pride for him. We drank whiskey and played Coachella live on TV and danced to arcade fire. 

This weekend was magical. Back to reality, and detoxing.


I spent my weekend cleaning up after barf-fest and preparing for a certain 1-yr-old's birthday. Boring! I can't wait for NEXT weekend. 

sausage party in Venice // Courtney and Ally

by Courtney and Ally

[Courtney is the stylish one and Ally always has a baby strapped to her.]

[Courtney is the stylish one and Ally always has a baby strapped to her.]

HELLO! We are the main contributors to Scout Folks (for now), still learning to navigate our voices on this forum. Here's a little intro to our dynamic.

Ally: You can read more in the About Us. But for now: Courtney and I live too far apart, but spend a lot of time together. We've been through a few life changes together, and WAY too many hair changes. We're the kind of people that will send each other the exact same photo at the exact same moment. We are hatching a secret plan to spend every family vacation together. 

Courtney: We were lucky enough to find our tribe in Venice this past weekend. It was a rainy weekend, so we cozied up at Wurstkuche with some heavy German food. 

Ally: I pretty much suggest Wurstkuche every time we set foot in LA. 

Courtney: We met up with the folks over at Girl and The Abode and Styled by Katie. I am blessed to be able to call these girls family; as the years have gone by those lines have blurred between family and friendship. It has evolved into something quite rare and beautiful. The friendship is raw, and we can share our deepest thoughts amongst each other, as well as design ideas. 


Courtney: I also love Wurstkuche. They have vegetarian smoked apple sage to crocodile to pork andouille to...every flavor of sausage. My mouth is watering just dreaming about it.


Courtney: Our conversation over exotic sausages and crisp cider is exciting. To think we are sitting at a table of so many creatives; photographers, interior designers, chefs, fashion stylists, illustrators, and graphic designers. It takes my breath away. Ideas bounce off the walls with fierceness; and all I can do is smile because these are my folks.


Ally: I've been longing for this little artist community for a while, and it's so exciting to be around so many energized people. We walked to the Venice General Store, which is fast becoming the inspiration for my being. 


Courtney: Wandering around Venice we naturally group ourselves into pairs. I listen to passing conversations and it fills me with warmth. Life can be hard enough as it is, even just with daily routine. I am thankful for the people I am surrounded by. They are my rocks.


Ally: We finally got into Gjelina!! OMG their panna cotta. I think I'm hungry because my portion of this blog is centered on food. I'm really in love with all my friends right now. They're moving and shaking, and inspiring me to do the same. 

by Ally and Courtney

Palm Springs is for Lovers

by Courtney


Palm Springs has a special place in my heart. Wanderlust often brings our little tribe to the desert. There is something so spectacular about this place: one of my favorite places in the world.


With spring just around the corner, my heart floods with memories of my birthday last year.  We rented an AMAZING mid-century home through AirBNB. (highly recommended). We packed our wagons and headed East for a wonderfully sparkly gold-themed birthday bash at our Palm Springs playground. Who says you can't have a themed birthday party at 28? I like to cultivate my inner child.

This is so much I adore about Palm Springs - the architecture, the atmosphere. It's like going back in time, back to the Golden era. All you need is your giant sunnies, your swanky summer-themed cocktail, your closest friends, and of course your vintage kimono from the thrift store down the street. Turn up your Frank Sinatra vinyl and enjoy the peaceful surroundings of the swaying palm trees and clear blue skies.



Pastel color palettes // curiously shaped cacti // warm sun shining on your face // it is our escape.


by Courtney