how to plan a one year old birthday party

WELL I definitely DON'T know how to plan a 1yr old birthday party. I don't think I've been to more than two of them in my life. I can't seem to get beyond food and house cleaning, both of which kids don't really care about. 

I'm going to try and do this without letting it take over my life AND still invite everyone we know. 


Here are some things probably not on the list, but flowing out of my head: Dance party, craft party, candy bar, free yoga for everyone. WHAT. 

But really, here's my mood board. I'm a visual person. 

scoutfolks lunascout mood board - first birthday party

scoutfolks lunascout mood board - first birthday party

All photos from the Selby: here, here, here, here.  ( I hardcore love Selby) and paper moon here

Ok all I really want is one cute picture of my little bug with cake. And beer and tacos for my friends. 

Ugh, this is like a wedding.  More to come on this subject soon.