the constant rough draft.

I have always worked in fits and starts, and prefer to work on a million things at once rather than one singular masterpiece. So for the sake of progress and to dash all hopes of tidiness, I'll start blogging whatever crosses my brain, and perhaps fix it all later. Here it is! The new venture and the new blog. I've been wanting to make my own clothing line since before I could write my name. I wish I had the drawings I used to sell as a child - bespoke illustrations of gowns with bows and shit on them. 

I finally decided that the time is now to live out my childhood fantasies, and maybe see what I can make of them. Scout Folks is a blog for the most part, to keep us focused on documenting adventures. Perhaps most of all to make sure we're still taking adventures, and searching for new inspiration. We're making clothing because I love making art, and I want my kids to be more aware and accepting of art. Handmade by humans, or until we get that robot I ordered via skymall. 




Mr Squirrell in Joshua Tree this past weekend.