Palm Springs is for Lovers

by Courtney


Palm Springs has a special place in my heart. Wanderlust often brings our little tribe to the desert. There is something so spectacular about this place: one of my favorite places in the world.


With spring just around the corner, my heart floods with memories of my birthday last year.  We rented an AMAZING mid-century home through AirBNB. (highly recommended). We packed our wagons and headed East for a wonderfully sparkly gold-themed birthday bash at our Palm Springs playground. Who says you can't have a themed birthday party at 28? I like to cultivate my inner child.

This is so much I adore about Palm Springs - the architecture, the atmosphere. It's like going back in time, back to the Golden era. All you need is your giant sunnies, your swanky summer-themed cocktail, your closest friends, and of course your vintage kimono from the thrift store down the street. Turn up your Frank Sinatra vinyl and enjoy the peaceful surroundings of the swaying palm trees and clear blue skies.



Pastel color palettes // curiously shaped cacti // warm sun shining on your face // it is our escape.


by Courtney