Today we “graduated” from our fertility specialist now that sugar is 10 weeks in utero. Dr. Frederick is over the moon excited for us and it makes me feel really special. I think she appreciates Ally and what she is doing for us so much, even as much as we do. We’ve been seeing her for almost 2 years now and it will feel strange to not be popping into that office and having them poke one of us for blood, or put wants in our undercarriage. We got a cute little “proud to be an HRC baby” onesie and took a group photo with Dr. Frederick.

I really feel like Ally was meant to be the home for sugar, it’s unbelievable how smoothly things go when your body is built for a baby. It’s made it very clear that mine definitely isn’t. I do get jealous that I won’t get these 9 months to feel him grow and have him hear my voice in the womb and that I will never know what it is like to be pregnant or give birth, but I am so grateful that this is even an option for us. Plus now Johnathon and I are on a completely even playing field as far as bonding goes. We are a determined couple, with a fantastic doctor and are lucky enough to have a selfless friend who is probably the only human we would ever trust to carry our child, AND she was willing. Hashtag blessed is all I can say.

There are so many things that had to come together to make this baby happen. Like, SO many. Pregnancy that happens naturally is already a miracle, but this pregnancy took a literal team of scientists, two entire families, a tribe of friends, a bajillion medications (and a bajillion dollars), crazy strict timing PLUS all the usual miracles of life.

I want to do everything for Ally, but also not suffocate her. I want to buy all the maternity clothes and feed her homemade cake and clean her house and build her a soundproof nap pod.  It is just so hard to show how appreciative we are with words or gifts and I can only hug her so hard. It’s completely overwhelming. I am so proud of her and proud of our story and I cannot wait to share it. It’s so beautiful to have such a huge group of people all coming together to make something happen with the only motivation being love. Although I’m sure Dr. Frederick also depends on the money, but she really is genuinely happy for us and I can see how much she loves making these things happen for people like us.

I want sugar to know how hard we all worked for him and how much he was loved and wanted even before we met him.

30 more weeks!