Hendy Woods Camping Trip

Last weekend, I took Luna on our fist camping adventure alone. I was slightly nervous at the first thought of being by myself with Luna in the woods, far away from the comfort of our home and in a new strange place. This was also the first time that she would be away from mom (Ally) for more than a couple of days. We packed the car with all of our camping equipment and hit the road: leaving in the early morning hours. Ally was with us for the ride up, since we would drop her off at her Spirit Weavers gathering taking place a few miles down the road from where our camp was. Even though the family was split apart at different camp sites, it was comforting to be close. I knew that Luna would be fine and we would have an amazing time. We were joined by other Spirit Weavers Dads--dad camaraderie at its finest. This trip would mark the beginning of future adventures for years to come. Here are a few photos. Enjoy!