musings on late nights

I'm listening to the new Michael Jackson album and really loving it. I know that sounds weird

I can explain. 

I've loved Michael Jackson since I was a kid, and in high school his music and weirdness became something that emodied, or at least eased my own awkwardness. I was an introvert. Creative. Misunderstood...There's this emotional underbelly of myself that I could never communicate. So for a while, I lived in my room, sewing and creating things and listening to Off The Wall. 

Thank heaven I went to a liberal hippie college with TONS of weird kids. Different shapes, strengths, and varying levels of weirdness.  Things are different now: strangeness is a commodity. And I am adjusted just enough to have a job and a tiny fan club (they're both asleep in the other room). 


(this is totally off-topic, and I should be more focused. please send me all your comments)