made in the usa - Spring housewares roundup

Spring is a good time to freshen up your home. Pull back the curtains, rearrange your workspaces, hang some new art on the walls. My main objective in interior design is to create a space that affects people in a positive way. It's always captivated me, how a space can impact your mood and desires. 

We've compiled a few statement pieces that go a long way to freshen up your space. All are made in the states, and represent our love of handmade, keepsake goods. These beauties will live with you way past spring. (besides the soap, obviously)

scout folks spring housewares roundup - made in the usa

scout folks spring housewares roundup - made in the usa

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Courtney - I love Joinery NYC. I have a few items from them and they have become such adored pieces in my home. I've had my eye on their planters for a while now. A few of the other pieces I've found shopping around LA and online. I think my favorite part about interior design is that it's always changing - you can add a new plant or a new fabric and you feel suddenly lifted

Thanks for reading! We'll do a less crunchy version of housewares soon.  - A&C