daylight savings

by Ally


Last March, I was 8 months pregnant. I never believe that time flies, not until I set markers to compare. How has a year already passed? I feel like these past few weeks have brought us such enormous gifts - our little one is walking, talking, waving bye, sleeping through the night, sassing, so many things. I want to just EAT IT UP. Last March, I was organizing teeny tiny clothes with the biggest belly in the world. This year, I'm chasing this crazy (sometimes insane) baby around and trying to keep the house from absolutely falling apart. 

I try to make myself aware of the moments I'll look back on fondly. Next March, Luna babe will be almost two, and I'll warmly recall how she screamed with glee every time the swing went up, down, and crashed into mama. 

And the time will keep on flying.