Long Beach // Sweater Weather

by Ally


The things we love about Long Beach, or the places we’ll miss if we leave.


Ben and I moved to Long Beach in September 2011. We drove through downtown and along Ocean Blvd one day, on our way home from LA. After driving around looking for rentals and craigslisting for weeks, I found our little apartment in Belmont Shore. I hate driving places, so I love being so close to restaurants and beaches. I love the smell of the ocean and always having to wear a sweater. I'll miss you if we move, Ms. Long Beach.


Here’s a list of our favorite places, which is VERY limited by our baby-ness, and because we spend a lot of time in OC, where the families live.

Naples and the Peninsula  - we are obsessed with our dog, so this is where we go walking/jogging. There are bazillion dollar houses to look at and lots of birds to bark at.



Hiking Palos Verdes - Portugese Bend. Florence gets to come.

2nd street - It has a lot of genuine small businesses, really perfect little shops. I think it’s where I’ve bought most of our Christmas and birthday gifts for 2 years. I get sad when we have to get in the car to run errands. Most of what I need I can find at Ace or Rite Aid. It needs a grocery store though!!

Dogz - someday we’ll start a blog about dog-friendly places. This place has giant beers, and allows dogs on the patio. Their deep fried tacos are amazing.

Pandor bakery and Aroma di Roma - coffee and cronuts, and coffee and soccer games.

Starling Diner - real butter scones, and really amazing french toast. We like family walks on Saturday mornings.

Pike - a fun, loud place to meet friends. We like having a beer in the middle of the day, and this place has really good french fries to go along with it.

Joe Jost’s - big, cold beers, pickled eggs, old salty guys.

4th street - Portfolio for coffee, really awesome vintage shops, Lola’s Mexican, Number Nine Vietnamese, Port

Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles - because it’s the best ever.