new york, in time.

by Ally


We're planning a New York trip in April (thanks to our amazing friends who let us use their apartment as a pied a terre)...and now it's constantly on the brain. Ben keeps watching any documentary with the word New York in it. I want a black and white cookie REAL bad. 

We took the baby to New York in September, on our first faraway trip as a family. It was magical, and I'll remember it as I look back at the photos always. Warm and sunny. Luna couldn't sit up in a high chair, so we did a lot of baby carrying. 

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scoutfolks_blog_ny ergobaby.jpg
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scoutfolks_blog_wash sq.jpg

I lived in New York for a while - my nostalgia for the place runs thick in my blood. Now it's part of our little family. I can't wait to go back.