Blogging for slackers


I'm here to admit that I'm such a slacker when it comes to blogging. It's such a wonderful exercise and platform for me to over share my thoughts or inspiration. But damn, would I rather take a hundred mental naps lately. 

SO. I vow to do this: Blog from my phone. 

And get my trusty doggist detective, Flo Shamberley, to help out (pictured) 

That is all. Carry on.  

Oh, except this: One time I accidentally 'replied all' to one of Marissa's emails and it went to everyone in her contacts. My reply was some typical Ally drivel about being cold all the time in SF, feeling depressed, loving cookies. I think after that horror and shock, I (slowly) got accustomed to sharing everything through blogging. And I feel good about it. Because sometimes other people like to hear the real stuff, and the bad stuff. Or cookie recipes. Ok NOW carry on.